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The Environmental, Biological, and Computational Sciences Directorate (EBC) is the steward for Brookhaven National Laboratory's capabilities in biology and biotechnology, environmental science, climate science, radiobiology, structural biology, and bio-imaging, including radiotracer and instrumentation development and their applications in plant biology and neuroscience. EBC is home to Brookhaven's core capability in computer science, applied mathematics, and computational science.


Bioscience research is focused on synthetic biology, radiobiology, computational biology and structural biology and the characterization of biological systems. The department is home to Radiotracer Chemistry, Instrumentation and Biological Imaging (RCIBI), a suite of tools available for researching plant metabolism, drug development and neuroimaging. Together with the Collider-Accelerator Department, Biosciences operates the NASA Space Radiation Laboratory (NSRL), used by radiobiologists and physicists to study space radiation effects.  

Environment & Climate

The Environmental & Climate Sciences Department focuses on a wide range of theoretical, experimental and field studies in support of the U.S. Dept. of Energy’s climate research agenda as well as applied environmental research and development of new environmental technologies. The Department is also responsible for maintaining Meteorological Services for Brookhaven National Laboratory.

Computational Science Ctr.

The Brookhaven Computational Science Center brings together researchers in biology, chemistry, physics, and medicine with applied mathematicians and computer scientists to exploit the opportunities for scientific discovery made possible by modern computers. These opportunities are especially great in computational biology and nanoscience. We maintain a close alliance with applied mathematicians and computer scientists at Stony Brook and Columbia Universities.