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Satoshi Endo

Scientific Associate II


  • Ph.D., Earth and Environmental Sciences (Meteorology), Nagoya University
  • M.S., Earth and Environmental Sciences (Meteorology), Nagoya University
  • B.S., Physics, Tohoku University


  • American Meteorological Society
  • Meteorological Society of Japan

Areas of Interest

  • Understanding micro-to-meso-scale atmospheric processes and their impact on weather and climate
  • Atmospheric modeling and observations
  • Boundary layer meteorology
  • Cloud physics


  • Scientific Associate II, 2011-present, Postdoctoral Research Associate, 2009-2011, Atmospheric Sciences Division, Brookhaven National Laboratory
  • Research Assistant, 2006-2009, Hydrospheric Atmospheric Research Center (HyARC) and the Sun-Earth-Life Interactive Program (SELIS), Nagoya University

Publications (since 2007)

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