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Laurence W. Milian

Chemistry Associate I


  • State University of New York at Stony Brook, Graduate Courses: Biological and Chemical Oceanography
  • State University College at Buffalo, B.A., Geoscience
  • Suffolk County Community College, A.A.S., Liberal Arts/Science

Areas of Interest

  • Environmental sciences
  • Radioactive waste management
  • Waste management
  • Chemical sciences and engineering
  • Radiation chemistry
  • Analytical chemistry
  • Materials science
  • Research and testing properties


  • 1976-Present, Brookhaven National Laboratory: Provide the technical support for the evaluation of both treated (solidification) and untreated properties of a wide variety of radioactive (e.g., reactor, decontamination and incinerator ash) and/or chemical hazardous (e.g., mixed-salts and municipal solid waste incinerator ash) waste streams
  • Radio-chemical/analytical techniques are performed and if required, proficiency using alpha, beta and gamma (GeLi and NaI detectors) spectroscopy systems and standard chemical analyses using visible-UV and aa/ae, HPLC and inductive coupled plasma (ICP) spectroscopy.
  • Contribute to the performance and durability testing (short [TCLP] and long [ALT] term leachability, clexural, compressive, splitting tensile, hydraulic conductivity, and thermal testing on solidified waste streams and polymer materials (e.g., Portland cement, vinylester styrene, bitumen, furfuryl alcohol, acrylate, polyester styrene and sulfur polymer cement)
  • Evaluate HDPE container materials for the extended storage of radioactive ion-exchange resins by creep, impact and tensile testing. Written and graphic results are published and presented at technical conferences.
  • Presently involved in the solidification of radioactive hearth ash from the Republic of Belarus.