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  • JOIN US in Alaska. Research opportunities for ecosystem field studies.

  • Evaluating field sites for phase 2 of NGEE-Arctic research.

  • JOIN US in the tropics. Research opportunities for ecosystem field studies.

  • NGEE-Tropics: tropical forests cycle more CO2 and water than any other biome.

  • JOIN US in California. HyspIRI Project: Measurement of ecosystem metabolism across climatic and vegetation gradients.

  • MICMoR: Mechanisms and Interactions of Climate Change in Mountain Regions

  • Completed Tram system

  • We use liquid handling robots to increase throughput

  • 6400-40 Leaf Chamber Fluorimeter


Doctoral Program

You will be paired with a BNL scientist on a mutually agreed upon project, which will enhance your research skills and may lead to multiple scientific publications and may support your graduate thesis or dissertation.

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Post-doctoral Program

You will participate in a cutting-edge scientific research program, directed by a BNL staff member. The nature of your research assignment will be determined after a review of your background and interests by our staff.

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Undergraduate Program

You will be mentored by a BNL scientist in an ongoing research project during a six week summer session. You may also work during the academic year, usually to complete your project.

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Current Open Positions

The TEST group is currently recruiting Ph.D. students and Post-Docs to work on a range of projects.

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*If you apply to the GRIP, AGEP-T or SULI program please also contact us directly so we are aware of your application.

Contact TEST

Alistair Rogers

Scientist, Group Leader
Biological, Environmental & Climate Sciences Department
Bldg. 490A - P.O. Box 5000
Upton, NY 11973-5000

Ph.: (631) 344-2948


Our research aims to improve understanding of the mechanisms that underlie whole plant and ecosystem responses to global change, and to improve representation of these processes in Earth System Models. The computational and analytical techniques we use in the TEST group are focused on quantifying model sensitivity, and measuring and scaling key whole plant and ecosystem processes.

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