1. NSLS-II Seminar

    "Application Driven Beamline Instrumentation and X-Ray Optics"

    Markus Simon, Guido Giorgi & Jim Gareau, Germany

    Monday, March 11, 2013, 9:30 am
    Building 703, NSLS2 Large Conference Room

    Hosted by: Dr. Evgeny Nazaretski

    Abstract: Focused X-rays have become an essential tool in materials and life sciences at synchrotron sources. Utilizing lenses at high-brilliance synchrotron sources unveils sample information of unmatched quality in for example imaging or spectroscopic experiments. If refractive lenses are implemented as focusing devices the application range can be expanded to high photon energies maintaining high resolution with small effort. PI miCos had the opportunity to build up the mechanical part of the hard X-ray nanotomography instrument at the beamline P05 at PETRA III, operated by the Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht. With refractive lenses made out of a SU-8 based negative resist by KIT/IMT the instrument will become a valuable contribution to the synchrotron user community. During the seminar the instrument is introduced from an engineering point of view and the refractive optics to be implemented are presented. Furthermore, PI miCos' vision of modern beamline instrumentation is pointed out, focusing on usability and experimental flexibility. In addition, we will highlight PI miCos key technologies and products that are being implemented in beamline instrumentation to meet the researcher's needs.