1. Physics Colloquium

    "A New Initiative to Measure the Muon Anomalous Magnetic Moment at Fermilab"

    Presented by Hogan Nguyen, Fermilab

    Tuesday, April 23, 2013, 3:30 pm
    Large Seminar Room, Bldg. 510

    Hosted by: Bill Morse

    I will describe an initiative at Fermilab to measure the muon anomalous magnetic moment (g-2)/2 to 0.17 parts per million, an improvement of 3x upon experiment BNL-E821. The Fermilab initiative will reuse the BNL E821 apparatus. Central to the apparatus is a set of 3 50' diameter superconducting magnets, which will be transported to Fermilab in summer 2013.