1. Home Ownership & Financing Workshop

    "Presented by The Foundation for Personal Financial Education"

    Joseph Jannace, Member, Foundation for Personal Financial Education

    Tuesday, April 30, 2013, 12 pm
    Berkner Hall, Room B

    Thinking of Buying or Selling? Join us for another workshop in the "Fiscally Fit" seminar series that focuses on buying, selling and financing real estate. Topics covered include: • Where to start ��" A winning strategy for renters, buyers and owners. • How to reduce stress while saving time and money. • Qualifying ��" How to get approval now. • Income tax savings/benefits. • R.I.C.E. ��" Reserve, Income, Credit & Equity. • Understanding the closing process. • Today's Real Estate Market ��" Where the high and low-markets are headed and what this means for buyers, sellers and owners.