1. Sustainable Energy Technologies Department

    "In situ TEM Studies of Functional Materials"

    Presented by Peng Gao, University of Michigan

    Monday, March 25, 2013, 11 am
    Bldg. 815 E-Wing Conference Room

    Hosted by: Feng Wang

    In situ transmission electron microscopy integrated with the advantage of both the SPM and the TEM capabilities enables microstructures and physical properties of materials to be correlated directly, providing unprecedented opportunities to study functional materials down to a nanometer scale. Several case studies are discussed in this talk. First, domain dynamics during ferroelectric switching was revealed in real-time by combination of in situ biasing and aberration corrected TEM. Second, oxygen migration driven by external fields was directly observed at atomic-scale, providing new insights into three-way catalysts. Third, in resistive memories, the nature and growth dynamics of conducting filaments during resistance change is discovered. Fourth, an optical-SPM-TEM multi-functional platform has been home-made. Some primary results will be discussed.