1. Sustainable Energy Technologies Department

    "Power Source Technology Development for Commercialization"

    Presented by Hong Gan, Enevate Corporation

    Tuesday, April 16, 2013, 11 am
    Bldg. 815, E-Wing Conference Room

    Hosted by: J. Patrick Looney

    Multiple battery technologies, such as Li-ion, Li/Iodine, Li/SVO, Li/CFx, Li/QHR and Li/QMR have been successfully commercialized as power sources for implantable medical devices. Among them CFx material is a key cathode components for CFx, QHR and QMR batteries. The choice of CFx material is critical for the successful commercialization of these battery technologies. In this presentation, the cell performance issues associated with CFx material types are disclosed. A comprehensive research program to elucidate the CFx discharge mechanism has been accomplished. The relationship between CFx material physical, chemical properties and the cell electrochemical performance is clearly demonstrated. Quantitative thermodynamic studies reviewed the nature of the CFx material thermal behavior during cell discharge. The results of these studies provide the guidance for the development of the next generation CFx battery technology and Gen II QHR and Gen II QMR technologies.