1. National Synchrotron Light Source Seminar

    "Electronic and structural investigation of Graphene altered by chemical functionalization and substrate interactions."

    Andrew Walter, Donostia International Physics Centre, Spain.

    Tuesday, April 23, 2013, 10 am
    Large Conference Room (Lower Level), Building 703

    Hosted by: Elio Vescovo

    The optical and electronic properties of graphene are central to its use in novel applications; however the application of graphene in electronic devices has been hampered by the fact that single layer graphene does not exhibit a sizable gap. In addition, the combination of quantum mechanical and relativistic physics in the electronic structure of graphene makes it one of the most investigated materials in recent years. For both of these reasons the electronic structure of graphene in the presence of different substrate interactions, and in different chemical functionalization states, is of particular interest. I will present detailed and extensive investigations on graphene on SiC, metallic substrates and chemical functionalized graphene. On each of these samples both the structural and electronic properties are characterized and several novel properties revealed. In particular I will show the effect of varying the interface layer between graphene and SiC substrates, show the effects of strong substrate interactions with graphene on metals and show how interesting optical and electronic properties can be obtained by chemical functionalization of one graphene sub-lattice. I will also discuss the next step in understanding how the relationship between graphene and it's environment affects the electronic structure, particular with the use of nano-structured substrates for graphene growth.