1. National Synchrotron Light Source Seminar

    "Dr. Yixun Liu's presentation:"

    Yixun Liu

    Monday, May 6, 2013, 2 pm
    Seminar Room, Bldg. 725

    Hosted by: Wah-Keat Lee

    Ph.D. work (The College of William and Mary, 08/2007-10/2011) – Medical Image non-rigid registration – A partial image non-rigid registration method to deal with tumor resection using pre-operative MRI and intra-operative MRI – Moving propagation in myocardium (Siemens intern) – A hybrid registration method to propagate the motion of the myocardium using Cine MRI – Real-time physics-based registration – A real-time registration method using GPU and Multicores. – Multi-tissue mesh generation – A mesh generation method for Finite Element Analysis Postdoc work (NIH, 10/2011-04/2013) – Multimodal image driven cancer modeling – Build a model to predict tumor growth based on dual phase CT and FDG-PET – Myocardial fibrosis detection – Develop a tool to detect myocardial fibrosis using low dose CT. This tool includes segmentation, registration, modeling and mesh editor – Software: Medical Image Computing (MIC) – Software demo