1. Particle Physics Seminar

    "First Evidence of High-Energy Extraterrestrial Neutrinos at IceCube"

    Presented by Claudio Kopper, University of Wisconsin—Madison

    Thursday, June 27, 2013, 3 pm
    Small Seminar Room, Bldg. 510

    Hosted by: David Jaffe

    The spectrum of cosmic rays includes the most energetic particles ever observed. The mechanism of their acceleration and their sources are, however, still mostly unkown. Observing astrophysical neutrinos can help solve this problem. Because neutrinos are produced in hadronic interactions and are neither absorbed nor deflected, they will point directly back to their source. This talk will cover searches for high-energy neutrinos (> 100 TeV) at the IceCube neutrino observatory, which have recently produced the first evidence for a flux beyond standard expectations from neutrinos generated in the Earth's atmosphere. This includes the detection of several events with energies above 1 PeV — the highest energy neutrinos ever observed. The current status of these astrophysical neutrino searches and prospects for the future will be discussed.