1. National Synchrotron Light Source Seminar

    "Beamline Project Manager Relevant Experience"

    Edwin Haas

    Thursday, June 13, 2013, 11 am
    Hamilton Seminar Room, Bldg. 555

    Hosted by: Aesook Byon

    In this presentation, I selected some relevant recent projects that I was directly responsible for. These efforts include Project Manager for the X17A Beamline at NSLS, development of the Equipment Information System for NSLS Mechanical Equipment, and a MORE risk assessment for all NSLS mechanical equipment (including two risk-minimization follow-up projects). Since I received no specific direction to assist in structuring my presentation, I selected some past projects that are relevant to the posted job requirements. If the interview committee wishes to provide further direction, I will be happy to accommodate their requests. Although I was involved with the development of other beamlines and beamline equipment, time limitations forced me choose only a small number of sample projects. Instead of picking additional beamline projects, I included some of my operational projects to add diversity, contrast, and depth that I hope the interview committee will find interesting. These other projects required the type of thinking for which academic training does not provide adequate preparation. Some of my projects and responsibilities at Grumman/Northrop Grumman were larger, more inventive, and involved more people. Many were also fast-paced so that new technologies could be introduced before competitors. Unfortunately these projects are less recent and many of the technical details cannot be discussed. The patents on my resume provide some details that are in the public domain. I am the chief inventor for most of them. Technical papers for many of these projects were never released externally due to non-disclosure agreements and/or classification restrictions.