1. NSLS-II Seminar

    "Beam Commissioning & Operation of SRF Modules for PLS-II"

    Presented by Younguk Sohn, Pohang Accelerator Laboratory, Korea, Republic of (South)

    Friday, July 19, 2013, 2 pm
    Conference Room A, Bldg. 725

    Hosted by: Samuel Krinsky

    Recently, PLS (Pohang Light Source) has been upgraded to PLS-II and now in operation for the user service. Through the upgrade, the beam energy was increased to 3 GeV from 2.5 GeV and the number of straight sections was also increased to 24 from 12. Two superconducting RF cavities were commissioned with electron beam at PLS-II. Each cavity was tested with higher than 2 MV accelerating voltage and 150 kW continuous SW power after being installed at storage ring. PLS-II is operating in 220 mA top-up mode now, and in the process of increasing the operation beam current up to 400 mA, the target beam current of PLS-II project. Up to 200 mA, no higher order mode beam instability is observed. With top-up mode operation, the one-day peak-to-peak errors in amplitude and phase are recorded as 0.2% and 0.2 degree, respectively. Last month, 400 mA beam was stored for a short time with 2.15 MV - 210 kW and 2.25 MV - 260 kW Vacc and forward power from each cavity. With the successful results, the finish of PLS-II upgrade will be officially declared at the end of 1st half user run of 2013.