1. C-AD Accelerator Physics Seminar

    "The Wave of the Future - Prospects of Plasma-Wave Particle Acceleration for Photon Science"

    Presented by Dr. Jens Osterhoff, DESY, Germany

    Thursday, August 8, 2013, 4 pm
    Bldg. 911B - Large Conf Room, Room A202

    Hosted by: Ilan Ben-Zvi

    "The field of particle acceleration in plasma wakefields has seen remarkable progress in recent years. These days, acceleration gradients of more than 10 GV/m can be readily achieved using either ultra-short intense laser pulses or particle beams as wake drivers. With the demonstration of first GeV electron beams and a general trend towards improved reproducibility, beam quality and control over the involved plasma processes, plasma-acceleration techniques are starting to draw considerable interest in the traditional accelerator community. As a consequence, DESY, Germany's leading accelerator centre, has established a research program for plasma-based novel accelerator science with the goal to symbiotically combine conventional and new accelerator concepts and diagnostics. This presentation will give an overview about this endeavor with a focus on ongoing research in laser-wakefield acceleration and on future experiments using electron-beam drivers. The latter activities will make use of the existing FLASH free-electron laser facility by upgrading it with a dedicated novel-accelerator test beamline named FLASHForward. This test facility will allow for the investigation of critical open problems in the field ranging from the exploration of novel particle-trapping techniques and high-transformer-ratio studies to the application of plasma-boosted beams in undulators to achieve the ultimate goal, the demonstration of free-electron-laser gain."