1. Sustainable Energy Technologies Seminar

    "Energy Systems Analysis and International EcoCities Projects at the Sustainable Energy Technologies Department"

    Presented by Vatsal Bhatt

    Thursday, August 22, 2013, 11 am
    ISB Building 734 2nd Floor Seminar Room 201

    I will discuss various projects undertaken by the Energy Policy and Technology Analysis group at the Sustainable Energy Technologies Department. The group's core focus is on long-term integrated energy, environmental, and economic analysis using the MARKAL family of models, a well-established tool for energy systems analysis. A bottom-up analysis with explicit technology representation, and allow for "well-to-wheel" comparison of technologies and technological pathways. They study the impact of technological change/progress on energy markets, and provide a technology-rich basis for estimating energy dynamics over a multi-period horizon. They identify an optimal technology/resource mix to meet demands in an integrated energy market and identify the most cost-effective pattern of resource use and technology deployment over time. I will also discuss others projects promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy in cities of India and China.