1. RIKEN/BNL Lunch Time Talk

    "(Quasi) Nambu-Goldstone Fermion in QGP and Cold Atom System"

    Presented by Daisuke Satow, RIKEN / BNL

    Thursday, October 3, 2013, 12:30 pm
    Physics, Building 510, Room 2-160

    Hosted by: Koji Kashiwa

    It was suggested that supersymmetry (SUSY) is broken at finite temperature, and as a result, a Nambu-Goldstone fermion (goldstino) related to SUSY appears. Since dispersion relations of quarks and gluons are almost degenerate at extremely high temperature, quasi-zero energy quark excitation was suggested to exist though QCD does not have exact SUSY. As for the condensed matter system, a setup of cold atom system in which the Hamiltonian has SUSY was proposed, the goldstino was suggested to exist, and the dispersion relation of that mode at zero temperature was obtained recently.