1. C-AD Accelerator Physics Seminar

    "An Optimized Taper for the Muon Collider Capture Channel"

    Presented by Dr. Hisham Sayed, BNL

    Wednesday, September 18, 2013, 4 pm
    Bldg 911B, Large Conf. Rm., Rm A202

    "The baseline design for the muon collider/neutrino factory front end consists of a four major components, namely the muon production target, buncher, phase rotator, and the ionization cooling channel. Although each of the mentioned systems has a complex design which is optimized for the best performance within its own set of local objectives, the integration of all of them into one system requires a global optimization to insure the effectiveness of the local objectives and overall performance. The objectives aimed for are the number of muons captured into a stable bunches and their transverse and longitudinal emittances. These objectives are constrained by the momentum and dynamic acceptance of the subsequent acceleration systems in addition to the overall cost. In this study a statement of optimization strategy is discussed along with the results of the design optimization of the transverse & longitudinal capture starting from the target and through the rest of the front end.