1. RIKEN/BNL Lunch Time Talk

    "Functional renormalization group method for ultracold fermions"

    Presented by Yuya Tanizaki, The University of Tokyo

    Thursday, February 13, 2014, 12:30 pm
    Physics, Bldg. 510, Room 2-95

    Hosted by: Kouji Kashiwa

    Strongly correlated fermionic system is one of the important topic in condensed matter physics, and appears in various contexts. Since important physical contributions drastically changes by energy scales, it provides rich examples of phase transitions and of crossovers. In order for unbiased and systematic studies of many-body fermions, we review aspects of fermionic functional renormalization group (f-FRG). We mainly discuss its application to ultracold atomic gases, and show how it describes the BCS-BEC crossover.