1. C-AD Accelerator Physics Seminar

    "Interaction of Beam and Plasma with RF Cavities"

    Presented by Dr. Shahid Ahmed

    Tuesday, February 11, 2014, 4 pm
    Bldg 911B, Large Conf. Rm., Rm A202

    "In this seminar, novel features of my studies involving the normal and super-conducting radio-frequency (SRF) cavities, and the interaction of charge particle beam with electromagnetic waves confined in such RF structures will be presented. As the combination of experimental and numerical studies provide wealth of information, a comprehensive use of software packages in computer simulations and hardware developments for the real life measurements will be demonstrated. Moreover, the recent developments toward an application of glow discharge plasma for in-situ processing of SRF cavities targeted for the removal of field emitters will be the subject of discussion."