1. C-AD Accelerator Physics Seminar

    "Accelerating Cavities and Power Coupler Development for Project X"

    Presented by Dr. Sergey Kutsaev

    Thursday, February 6, 2014, 4 pm
    Bldg 911B, Large Conf. Rm., Rm. A202

    "Half-wave resonator and RF power coupler have been designed and built at Argonne National Laboratory for use with the Project X Injector Experiment (PXIE). 162.5 MHz half-wave resonators (HWR) are suitable for acceleration of high-intensity protons or H-minus beams in the energy range from 2 MeV to 10 MeV. Highly optimized EM parameters were achieved by adjusting the shapes of both inner and outer conductors. The 50 Ohm coaxial capacitive coupler will be required to operate CW with up to 10 kW of forward power under any condition for the reflected power. The full multiphysics analysis results will be presented as well as the current manufacturing and test status of both cavities and couplers."