1. C-AD Accelerator Physics Seminar

    "Dissociated Hydrogen Target Driven by Electro-Magnetic Shock Wave for Stopping Power Measurement"

    Presented by Dr. Kotaro Kondo, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

    Friday, February 14, 2014, 4 pm
    Bldg 911B, Large Conference Rm, Rm. A202

    Hosted by: M. Okamura

    "The precise evaluation of ion stopping power in high dense matter enables us not only to understand charged particleâ€"high dense matter interaction physics but also to predict beam-energy deposition in target which is the essential issue for the heavy-ion-driven high energy density physics experiment and heavy ion fusion. Energy deposition of projectiles with Bragg-peak velocity, which roughly corresponds to a mean electron velocity in target, depends on the electronic state in the target. The stopping power for the effects of dissociation up to ionization has not been experimentally studied. In order to obtain the well-defined dissociated hydrogen target for the stopping power measurement, the electro-magnetic shock wave method is proposed. We plan to measure the stopping power in the dissociated target using by Tandem accelerator with a maximum terminal voltage of 1.6 MV at Tokyo Institute of Technology. In this seminar, the experimental results to generate dissociated hydrogen will be presented."