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Cost Savings and Waste Reduction through Pollution Prevention and Recycling

By re-engineering processes, sharing resources, recycling, and working smart BNL is saving millions of dollars in avoided disposal costs, reducing the risk of pollution, eliminating compliance concerns, and creating a safer work place. The charts below track the number of pounds of waste reduced, reused, or recycled and the cost savings associated with pollution prevention and recycling projects during the calendar year. Cost savings are calculated based on actual costs of disposing of waste through the Waste Management Division. For further information or details, contact the Pollution Prevention Coordinator. Some projects continue to generate savings for years.

Investing in the Future

Each year, BNL invests in new projects that reduce waste, improve recycling, conserve natural resources and save money. The BNL P2 Council considers the proposals and allocates the funding. Refer to the P2 Funding Opportunities for the details of the "Return on Investment" program. The tables below show the projects that were selected for funding by the P2 Council and the savings and waste reduction associated with them.

Return on Investment Projects:

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