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An important function of the Pollution Prevention Program at BNL is to seek funding to implement pollution prevention projects. Various mechanisms exist for awarding funding for implementing P2 projects. The BNL Pollution Prevention Council, a committee with a representative from each BNL Directorate, reviews P2 proposals and awards funding to those projects that best meet the criteria listed below. We encourage staff to submit proposals at any time. The form below should be completed and submitted. We will hold onto your proposals until funding is available. Contact your Environmental Compliance Representative (ECR) or the Pollution Prevention Coordinator for assistance completing the required documentation.

FY12 Call For Proposals

On December 5th, a call for P2 proposals for FY12 was issued.  The P2 Council seeks ideas and proposals from all BNL staff that will reduce waste, improve recycling, conserve resources and save money. If you have ideas, please contact your P2 Council member or your ECR. Check the Request Funding section below for details.

If you have ideas that will significantly reduce waste and subsequently reduce disposal costs, complete the High Return on Investment Pollution Prevention Project Proposal form and submit it the Pollution Prevention Coordinator or your ECR. Your proposal will be evaluated by the Pollution Prevention Council to determine if it should be awarded funding (when funding is available). For paper copies, contact the Pollution Prevention Coordinator.

Criteria for Ranking P2 Proposals

Proposals will be evaluated based upon the following criteria, listed in order of importance:

  1. The project eliminates or significantly reduces a priority waste stream. Priority waste streams are Mixed Waste, Radioactive Waste, and Hazardous Waste.
  2. The project eliminates or significantly reduces the use of toxic, radioactive, and/or hazardous materials, particularly chemicals and ozone-depleting substances targeted for reduction by  Executive Order 13423.
  3. The project corrects or prevents noncompliance and/or eliminates or significantly reduces environmental regulatory requirements in support of Executive Order 13514.
  4. The project supports and is aligned with the Laboratory Critical Outcomes and Performance Measures.
  5. The project has a good return on investment (ROI). ROI will be calculated by determining the payback period. The calculation of payback period is performed by dividing the Total Project Cost by the Annual Project Savings. A  three year payback period will be considered a 'good' ROI.
  6. The project conserves energy and/or natural resources.
  7. The project eliminates a source of mercury.
  8. The project eliminates an source of an Ozone Depleting Substance (ODS).
  9. The project targets the disposal/removal of a legacy waste.
  10. The project has a high likelihood of successful implementation.
  11. The project can be implemented within the fiscal year.

P2 Proposals (BNL internal use only)

The BNL P2 Council uses this page to review and rank pollution prevention proposals and award funding. For information on specific proposals, contact the Pollution Prevention Coordinator.

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