FY02 Funded Pollution Prevention Projects
Rank Project Name Directorate, Dept/Div and POC Cost Savings Payback (Years) Waste Reduction
1 Minimization of Silver Waste from Silver-Staining Electrophoretic Mini-Gels Life Sciences, Biology (B. Sutherland) $1,670 $30,860 0.05 2200 lbs hazwaste
2 Retrofit of Garbage Truck Hydraulics With Steel-braded Hydraulic Lines and a Vegetable Based Hydraulic Oil Finance & Admin, Staff Services (K. Mohring) $7,500 $15,000 0.5 400 lbs industrial waste, eliminates potential for oil contaminated run-off
3 Retrofit of Hydraulic Lift Bays in Motor Pool Shop to Vegetable Based Hydraulic Oil Finance & Admin, Staff Services (K. Mohring) $8,000 $25,000 0.3 0-30 drums industrial waste
4 Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) Drying Shed Facilitis & Operations, Plant Engineering (G. Olsen, G. Flett) $25,000 $120,000 0.2 One time savings, 96% volume reduction of radioactive waste
5 Evaluation of CO2 Snow Cleaning for NSLS, Instrumentation and CAD applications NSLS, Instrumentation, and CAD (D. Bauer) $5,000 see text 2 Potential to reduce solvent usage (hazwaste), and aqueous cleaning wastes (industrial waste)
6 Replacement of Film-based Autoradiography and other radioisotopic imaging  with a Phosphor Imager Life Sciences, Medical (A. Gifford) $25,000 $22,000 1.1 200 lbs hazwaste, 100 lbs industrail waste
7 Reduction of hazardous, radioactive and industrial waste with a digital imaging system Life Sciences, Biology (Dax Fu) $25,000 $25,000 1 134 lbs hazwaste, 68 lbs industrail, 80 lbs radwaste
8 Development of a fluorescence-based assay for the DNA-dependent protein kinase (DNA-PKcs) to replace current 32P assay Life Sciences, Biology (J. Flanagan) $22,000 $30,000 0.7 200 lbs mixed waste
TOTAL INVESTED   $119,170      
TOTAL SAVINGS     $267,860    
AVERAGE PAYBACK PERIOD       0.4 Years (~5 months)