FY08 Funded Pollution Prevention Projects
Rank Project Name Directorate, Dept/Div and POC Cost Savings Payback (Years) Waste Reduction
1 “Bio Circle cleaner” parts washer Light Source, NSLS (Gary Nintzel) $4,461 $2,500.00 1.78 one drum of hazardous waste
2 Motion Sensors for Labs* Nuclear and Partical Physics, Instrumentation Division (Robert DiNardo) $4,320 $5,817.00 0.74 Energy Conservation
3 Transfer of SF6 Gas From EENS Department Dynamitron to Collider Accelerator Department TDVG** Nuclear and Partical Physics, C-AD/EENS (Chuck Carlson) $6,305** N/A N/A Removes environmental liability from non-operational equipment
4 Water Timers Life Sciences, BO (Ann Emrick) $580 $164.00 3.54 Reduces 15,000 gallons distilled water consumption
5 Timer Switches* Life Sciences, BO (Ann Emrick) $3,415 $5,386.00 0.63 Energy Conservation
6 Recycling Containers Facilities and Operations, SS (Ruth Comas) $3,253 N/A N/A Increased Recycling Rates in high profile Conference Areas
TOTAL INVESTED   $16,029    
TOTAL SAVINGS     $13,867  
* These two projects were combined and P2 funds were used to purchase the equipment.
   F&O has agreed to donate the labor time for installation.
** This project was not completed by the end of the fiscal year so the Department had to pay for the project.