FY09 Funded Pollution Prevention Projects
Rank Project Name Directorate, Dept/Div and POC Cost Savings Payback (Years) Waste Reduction
1 Formaldehyde Detoxification  Life Sciences, BO (Robert Colichio) $1,619 $20,000.00 0.08 800 gallons of liquid hazardous waste
2 Solvent Recycling Parts Washer   Maintenance and Fabrication, F&O (Tom Roza) $4,900 $3,650.00 1.34 660 pounds of hazardous solvent
3 Big Green Box  Quality Assurance, DO (Sabine Kessler) $283 N/A N/A 200 pounds of alkaline batteries
4 Solar Flood Lighting* Life Sciences, BO (Robert Colichio) $5,431 $10,000.00 0.54 Energy Conservation
5 Replacement of Mercury Switches** Life Sciences, BO (Robert Colichio) $6,240 $8,700.00 1.43 Mercury Removal
6 Bio-Diesel Tank Staff Services, F&O (Henry Hauptman) $11,772 N/A N/A Non-Renewable Energy
TOTAL INVESTED   $24,005    
TOTAL SAVINGS     $33,650  
* Cost savings for this project are based on installation charges for a typical street light (trenching and pulling wire).
** This project was to be cost shared with Medical, however it was not completed by the end of the fiscal year so funding 
was transferred to the Bio-Diesel Tank Project.