Managed Programs

  • Air compliance and permitting: including NESHAPS/radiological air emissions
  • Cultural (historical) resource management: ensuring compliance with historic preservation requirements.
  • Environmental Compliance Representative Program: deploying qualified staff to support the line organizations, providing them with necessary training and supporting subject matter expertise.
  • Environmental Information Management System:  storing, managing, verifying, protecting, retrieving and archiving BNL's environmental data.
  • Environmental Management System:  coordinating audits and ISO 14001 registration, maintaining and continual improving of the labwide program.
  • Environmental Monitoring Program: developing and implementing the site-wide program to measure and evaluate any potential impacts to the environment caused by Laboratory operations.
  • Environmental monitoring services: acquiring samples including samples required for the site-wide monitoring program and special request samples, ensuring maintenance and calibration of sampling equipment, maintaining supporting documentation (e.g., logbooks, chain of custody), management of interface with analytical labs, data management, development and implementation of internal procedures related to sampling.
  • ES&H's Environmental Management System (EMS)
  • Facility Review Disposition Project management: project management, reporting, and prioritization.
  • Groundwater Protection and Management
  • Long Term Response Actions
  • National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) compliance: preparing required NEPA documentation with input from line managers.
  • Natural Resource Management: including compliance, protection of endangered/threatened species, habitat management, surveys, etc.
  • Pollution Prevention: providing technical assistance and subject matter expertise for pollution prevention opportunity assessments, and managing the BNL Pollution Prevention Council.
  • Rideshare Program
  • Underground Storage Tank (UST) compliance
  • Waste Management: hazardous, radiological, mixed waste and industrial waste
  • .
  • Water Compliance and Permitting: including surface and potable water.
  • Wildland Fire Management Plan


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