Mission Statement


The Business Operations Office of the Facilities & Operations Directorate (F&O) is designed and structured to provide F&O management, its customers and affected parties with:

  • High quality financial and business analysis;
  • Knowledgeable advice and recommendations;
  • Timely, accurate, complete and concise data;
  • Prompt, accurate and efficient processing of transactions;
  • Continuous review and improvement of processes to ensure benefit of current technology is maximized; and
  • Attentive and helpful assistance, while adhering to all appropriate financial, legal, contractual regulations and other requirements.

The Business Operations Office is responsible for all business, budgetary, financial, procurement, travel, records and property related functions for the Facilities and Operations Directorate which includes Laboratory Protection, Modernization Project Office, Facility Operations Office, Energy & Utilities, Site Resources and Staff Services Divisions and all directorate support groups and offices for F&O at BNL.  They also provide business support to the various operating and line item construction projects.

This group reports directly to the CFO and is matrixed to the ALD, F&O.

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Last Modified: November 8, 2011