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The Global and Regional Solutions Directorate

The Global and Regional Solutions Directorate, which works in synergy with the Basic Energy Sciences and Environment and Life Sciences Directorates, includes the following office and departments.

Nuclear Science and Technology Department

Conducts research and development related to nuclear technologies (reactors and accelerator-driven systems), reliability and risk assessment, and advanced modeling techniques for reactor simulation and energy systems.

Sustainable Energy Technologies Department

Finds alternatives to fossil fuels and improves energy efficiency to meet our exponentially growing energy needs over the next century and beyond.  

Nonproliferation and National Security Department

Carries out research and development, provides technical support, and builds prototype systems to further U.S. government initiatives and policies in nuclear materials safeguards and security, arms control treaty verification, nonproliferation of weapons of mass destruction, Material Protection Control and Accountability initiatives for nuclear materials in Russia and the NIS, and related national security areas.  

Office of Technology Commercialization and Partnerships

Fosters commercial development of inventions and discoveries made at BNL through licensing patented technologies and by facilitating continued research and development of basic scientific findings.