Located on the BNL property are two closed landfills, the Current Landfill and the Former Landfill. Post-closure monitoring programs have been implemented for each landfill in accordance with 6 NYCRR Part 360 Section 2.15, Solid Waste Management Facilities. 

Current Landfill

The Current Landfill consists of unlined waste-cell that was operated from the late 1960's until 1990 for disposing of waste generated at BNL. An impermeable cap covering the cell was completed in November 1995. Following the completion of the cap, the post-closure groundwater monitoring program was implemented in December 1996.

Former Landfill

The Former Landfill area encompasses three closely located landfill units; the Former Landfill, the Slit Trench, and the Interim Landfill. The Former Landfill is an unlined waste-disposal area originally used by the United States Army in the 1940's. Waste disposal operations ceased in 1966, and the landfill was covered with soil. The Interim Landfill also is unlined, and was reportedly used for approximately one year between the time the Former Landfill was closed, and the Current Landfill was opened. The Slit Trench is unlined as well, and believed to have been operated between 1960 and 1967 for disposal of construction and demolition debris. The Former Landfill and Slit Trench were capped in November 1996 and the Interim Landfill was capped in October 1997.  BNL began the  post-closure groundwater monitoring program in December 1996 at the Former Landfill and Slit Trench, and in November 1997 at the Interim Landfill.


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