OU IV Five-Year Review

The five-year review of the Operable Unit IV treatment system is now available. These files are presented in two ways: one large file containing all information, or a series of smaller files.

Entire Five-Year Review

Individual document files:

Text of Report
Figure 1 - map: (AS/SVE) Program Monitoring Well Locations and Planned Actions
Table 2 - Summary of Volatile and Semivolatile Organic Compounds Detected
Attachment 1 - map: Site Plan, CERCLA Five Year Review
Attachment 2 - map: Operable Unit IV, Areas of Concern 5 and 6
Attachment 3 - map: Areal Extent of Soils Contaminated with VOCs
Attachment 4 - map: Extent of Radiologically Contaminated Soils
Attachment 5 - map: Maximum Areal Extent of Soil and Groundwater Remediation for VOCs
Attachment 6 - List of Documents Reviewed
Attachment 7 - chart: Environmental TLD Exposure versus Time
Attachment 8 - map: Sr-90 Monitoring Well Network
Attachment 9 - map: TVOC Monitoring Well Network
Attachment 10 - Planned Community Participation Activities
Attachment 11 - Proposed OU IV Post-Closure Groundwater Monitoring