JPO Job Descriptions

Computer Science:  Projects include development of small applications, support of database administration, management of equipment and application installation, and troubleshooting.

Open Source Information Collection:  Open source information is used by the IAEA to verify the declared activities of its member states.  Interns in the Division of Information Technology help with the collection, processing, and evaluation of open source information.  Students with educational backgrounds in nuclear engineering, physics or political science, especially students specializing in non-proliferation, arms control, or international security with experience in information research are encouraged to apply.

Engineering Services:  The IAEA uses portable and installed equipment for radiation monitoring, surveillance, and securing inventories and assets.  Opportunities exist for individuals majoring in mechanical, electrical, and nuclear engineering to assist with the development and management of this equipment.  Tasks may include testing of new equipment, troubleshooting and maintaining inspection equipment, performance monitoring, receipt and preparation of equipment, and development of procedures and software for instrumentation.

Technical Writing:  The IAEA Division of Safeguards and Technical Services is responsible for management of equipment and training.  Technical writers are needed to prepare procedures, technical specifications, user documentation, and training materials.  Individuals should have a technical education in science or engineering and excellent English writing skills.

Other:  A limited number of positions may be available at the IAEA in other divisions, depending on a particular project need in that area.  These students will be placed on a person-by-person basis by the program manager.

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