Remote Access to Brookhaven

External BNL users who need internet access to the internal ISD website which includes the Research Library, Records Management, Publications and Technical Editing must have a Virtual Private Network (VPN) account to connect to the BNL Internal Campus Network. This account can be setup by the Accounts Management Office.

Available Options

Anti-Virus Procedures

All Windows PCs should be running one of Brookhaven's official anti-virus software packages when connecting remotely to the BNL Internal Campus Network. Anti-Virus procedures are an important component of BNLís host-based security architecture. Anti-Virus software is the component of this architecture that provides a protection mechanism against malicious code. Malicious codes are programs, such as Trojan horses or viruses, that run on a host system without the authorization of the system user. These codes typically come from e-mail attachments, or can be downloaded along with programs from the Internet, or through an infected floppy disk. Properly installed anti-virus software can minimize these vulnerabilities.

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Last Modified: December 22, 2010