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What is a Cost-Free Expert?
    Procedures for Recruiting and Placing CFEs

Currently there are no opportunities for Cost-Free Expert positions within the Department of Safeguards at the IAEA.

Status Request # Title Task Monitor
If you are interested in applying for a CFE position, please submit a Personal History Form with reference to the Request number to the assigned task monitor identified above.

Cost-Free Expert

Cost-Free Expert (CFE) is a category of USSP support that has proven beneficial to both the IAEA and the US Government. A CFE is an individual who has a specialized skill that is not readily available among the IAEA professional staff and who works on a defined task that cannot be financed under the current IAEA budget. Such tasks are usually performed for the support divisions of the Department of Safeguards. After ISPO receives an IAEA task request for a CFE, the information is posted on the ISPO Web site.

Application & recruitment. CFEs are "cost-free" only to the IAEA. There are three types of CFE arrangements. Type A is the most frequent arrangement, whereby the expert receives a fixed- term contract and the USSP reimburses the IAEA for the total cost of the expert’s services. For a Type B arrangement, the CFE‘s services are paid directly by a Member State or organization within a Member State. For a Type C expert, there is a shared arrangement between the IAEA and the Member State. Typically, the USSP sponsors a Type A CFE who receives a contract entitling her/him to practically all of the benefits, privileges, and immunities accorded IAEA officials (see p. 16 and p. 18-19 of the ISPO Guidebook). A CFE with less than a 2-year contact may also qualify for many of these benefits. A CFE is normally recruited at the P-4 or P-5 level, and occasionally at the P-3 level, depending upon the candidate’s qualifications and the task involved.

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