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  • Request and refer to the ISPO Guidebook and other material from ISPO.
  • The Vienna Expat Center offers a useful Resource Fact Sheet for reference. The Expat Center can be contacted at the following:  Schmerlingplatz 3, 1010 Vienna, Austria, T +43 14000-86949, F-86188, and
  • Familiarize yourself with useful German phrases.
  • Learn as much about Vienna and Austria beforehand.
  • Read a book on Living Abroad and Culture Change to prepare for the transition.
  • Enroll children in one of the schools as soon as possible. There is usually a waiting list.  Some recommended schools are the AIS, VIS, Danube, and the International Christian School.
  • A suggestion for the spouse/partner for employment is to try to seek a job with a U.S. company that will transfer you to Vienna, Austria. Please view the list of U.S. subsidiaries in Austria from the American Chamber of Commerce.
  • Refer to the UNWG-Career Guide Book regarding helpful information to aid the spouse with the Austrian job market, conditions for employment, job search tools, guidance, development options and networking.
  • If possible, applying for dual citizenship within the European Union, will make it easier to seek employment in Vienna.
  • Gather written references for employment, if seeking employment.
  • Pets require up to date vaccinations, documentation and an international chip.
  • Register with the U.S. Embassy in Austria for travel warnings and residence information.
  • Ask ISPO about contact with a Host Family in Vienna.
  • Update contact information with family and friends.
  • Keep in touch with family via a VoIP program such as SKYPE.
  • Ask your cell phone provider about international calling capability.
  • As soon as known, notify creditors, etc. of address change and charges overseas.
  • Marriage licenses, birth certificates and immunization/medical records will be needed.
  • Ship comfortable walking shoes.
  • Consider purchasing a GPS Portable Navigation system for Europe.
  • If planning to attend a Ball, purchase of a tuxedo or gown should be considered.
  • Do not ship small appliances.  Not all appliances work properly on adaptors.  Please check prior to packing.


  • Seek housing with the IAEA Housing Office.  They will assist with the lease.
  • Visit this site for getting around in the Vienna International Centre.
  • You will need your legitimization card in order to set up your in-home cable/phone services.
  • Open a bank account.
  • Obtain a new cell phone at the NOMIK Lounge in the E-Bldg in Room E1115 of the VIC.
  • Get a discount grocery card from one of the local supermarkets such as; Billa, Merkur or Spar.
  • If using public transportation, purchase the annual card. (Erdbergstrasse 202 1030 Vienna)
    Phone: + 43 1 7909-100   E-mail:
  • Ask the Vienna Service Office for assistance about getting around in Vienna. They are located in the rotunda of the Vienna International Centre.
  • Attend Orientation with the IAEA.


  • Shipment arrival to the apartment: Usually the shipment is delivered by native Austrians
    that do not speak much English. It would be beneficial to have someone available that can
    speak German to translate for you.
  • Join a support group such as; AWA, WCN, UNWG, etc.
  • Get maps of the public transportation system.
  • Register with the U.S. Embassy Vienna, Austria for U.S. citizen services and STEP program.
  • Register with the City of Vienna to receive a Welcome to Vienna packet.
  • For a list of English speaking doctors in Vienna, Austria, please use the following search tool or visit the U.S. Embassy website.
  • Televisions must be registered in Austria. This can be done online.

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