Overseas Opportunities

A brief description of opportunities and activities for enhanced living within Austria is provided below along with several suggestive sites.

Employment Telecommuting
The American Chamber of Commerce in Austria provides a list of American-based companies in Austria. Prior to arrival in Austria, check to see if your company has an office in Austria and would transfer you there. If not, it might be beneficial to join a company that will provide a transfer to its office in Austria.  Telecommuting allows flexibility. More and more companies allow employees to work from home. Skills in areas such as graphics design or the information technology field may provide telecommuting opportunities. Again, your current employer might provide this type of work for a short term or extended assignment. High-speed internet is available in Vienna to support such an assignment.
Education Volunteering
Many people use their time in Vienna to update their skills or pursue another degree. This will increase opportunities for employment upon return to the United States. Volunteering can lead to employment opportunities. Volunteer activities provide a means to demonstrate your knowledge, skills, and work ethic, meet people who may know of vacancies, learn about Vienna, and do something worthwhile while you’re job hunting.
Professional Networking Social Networking
The American Nuclear Society (ANS) and the Institute for Nuclear Materials Management (INMM) are two professional organizations whose members are familiar with the IAEA and Vienna. Their members may be able to help job hunters. Online social networking is widespread and growing in popularity. Blogs, message boards, and chat rooms are offered through many Internet providers. Recruiters regularly visit these sites to locate job applicants.
Professional Services Support Groups
Expertise, knowledge and skills that one possesses can be offered as a service to assist others. Relevant fields include consulting, IT, accountant, mentoring or private tutoring.
There are several support organizations in Vienna that assist U.S. citizens and other expatriates with adjustment, career enhancement, training, and social events.


Personal Growth
Personal development activities are an intangible benefit to being in Vienna. Options to increase awareness and knowledge include areas such as health, career, spiritual, political, entrepreneurial, education, traveling, theater, training, life coaching, music, social business, creative abilities, and the arts, etc.

Being in Vienna offers a quality of life for the entire family that may not have been possible otherwise.  It is an occasion to experience many other aspects of living.  However one wants to utilize their time while in Austria, it will be a most fortunate opportunity not to be missed.

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