NUMBER: 7, Rev. 1

DATE OF ISSUE:  March 1, 2004 




1.0    Background


The Subgroup on Safeguards Technical Support (SSTS) is responsible for selecting U.S. representatives to attend technical meetings arranged by the IAEA Department of Safeguards.  The SSTS encourages contractors from the national laboratories and the private sector to participate in these and other meetings.  The SSTS believes that the exchange of information and ideas between the U.S technical community and other organizations increases the ability of the USSP to provide technical support to the IAEA. 


2.0    Purpose


The purpose of this policy statement is (1) to provide guidance to ISPO and the SSTS in determining if POTAS funds should be used to defray contractor expenses related to participation in technical meetings and seminars, and (2) to inform potential U.S. contractor representatives of the preferences and policies of the SSTS with respect to contractor attendance at technical meetings.


3.0    General Guidelines


3.1    Meeting Notification 


The IAEA Department of Safeguards transmits invitations for Safeguards technical meetings to the U.S. Mission.  The U.S. Mission transmits the invitations to U.S. government contacts, and if appropriate, to the International Safeguards Project Office (ISPO). 


ISPO transmits the invitation to appropriate contractor contacts and requests nominations of experts.  If appropriate, ISPO will ask the contractor to estimate the cost of attending the meeting.  These nominations are reviewed and presented to the SSTS for consideration.  


3.2    Approval of Funding for U.S. Representation 


ISPO will evaluate the merits of a funding request for contractor travel and provide recommendations to the SSTS.  Only the SSTS has the authority to allocate POTAS funds for contractor travel.  The SSTS will not approve funding for meetings or conferences sponsored by professional societies (such as the INMM and ESARDA), USSP Review Meetings, or IAEA Symposia, except in special cases where the SSTS requests the presentation of a specific paper.  The SSTS will evaluate requests for travel funding for other meetings (such as technical meetings organized by the IAEA or member state support programs) on a case by case basis.

For cases where funding is approved, ISPO will designate a special task for accounting purposes.  Contractors should charge expenses and report them to ISPO under this task. 


3.3    Payment of Travel Funding 


Funding for travel of U.S. laboratory representatives will be transferred to the laboratory from the Department of Energy.  ISPO will prepare the obligation letter for DOE's use. 


The USSP will rely on the BNL Procurement and Property Management Division to issue purchase orders to reimburse private contractors for expenses resulting from participation in sanctioned meetings.