The following American/Austrian holidays will be observed by the Vienna Tri-Mission.  Due to meeting and work schedules of UNVIE offices and committees, the services of UNVIE employees may be required on an official holiday.

January 1 Tuesday American/Austrian New Year's Day
January 6 Sunday Austrian Epiphany
January 21 Monday American Martin L. King Jr. Birthday
February 18 Monday American President's Day
March 29*** Friday Austrian Good Friday
March 31 Sunday Austrian Easter Sunday
April 1 Monday Austrian Easter Monday
May 1 Wednesday Austrian Labor Day
May 9 Thursday Austrian Ascension Day
May 19 Sunday Austrian Whitsunday
May 20 Monday Austrian Whitmonday
May 27 Monday American Memorial Day
May 30 Thursday Austrian Corpus Christi Day
July 4 Thursday American Independence Day
August 15 Thursday Austrian Assumption Day
September 2 Monday American Labor Day
October 14 Monday American Columbus Day
October 26 Saturday Austrian Austrian National Day
November 1 Friday Austrian All Saints' Day
November 11 Monday American Veteran's Day
November 28 Thursday American Thanksgiving Day
December 8 Sunday Austrian Immaculate Conception
December 25 Wednesday American/Austrian Christmas Day
December 26 Thursday Austrian St. Stephen's Day

* If an American holiday falls on a Sunday, the holiday is observed the following Monday.  **If the American holiday falls on a Saturday, it is observed the previous Friday.  American employees may be administratively excused on Austrian national holidays if their services are not required.  Locally Employed Staff (LES) paid on the Local Compensation Plan required to work on a holiday will be compensated under the terms of the Local Compensation Plan.  For LE Staff under the SD Guard program (48 hrs schedule), an Austrian holiday falling on a Saturday or Sunday may be a regularly scheduled workday and will be compensated under the terms of the Local Compensation Plan.

*** Good Friday will be a holiday only for Locally Employed (LE) Staff of the Tri Missions who are compensated under the LCP and who are granted this holiday in compliance with Austrian law (officially registered as Protestant, Methodist or Old Catholic (altkatholisch)).  The time off will be considered excused absence upon documentation of religious affiliation to the supervisor and time-keeper.  All other staff including all Americans, must use annual leave or comp time for any absence from work on that day.



January 1 Tuesday   New Year's Day
March 29* Friday   Good Friday
April 1 Monday   Easter Monday
May 1 Wednesday   Labor Day
May 20 Monday   Whit Monday
August 8* Thursday Eid al-Fitr Islamic Holiday
October 15* Tuesday Eid al-Adha Islamic Holiday
October 25 Friday In lieu of 26th October Austrian National Day
December 25 Wednesday   Christmas Day
December 26 Thursday   St. Stephen's Day

* The above dates have been preliminarily identified as Islamic Holidays.  While the Agency's dates of observation of these holidays will not change, for the convenience of Muslim staff members and to the extent possible, meetings should not be arranged around these days.

            Official holidays in Tokyo and Toronto will be confirmed to the respective Divisions in due course.  Staff members in New
            York and Geneva follow the official holidays approved for their respective duty stations.