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ISPO participates in the following upcoming events:

U.S. Colleges and University Career Fair Participation

Columbia University Career Fair
Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM)
October 17, 2014 New York, NY

For more information, contact Tanya Collins

U.S. Participation in IAEA Meetings

It is now possible for people interested in attending IAEA meetings, conferences and workshops to register on the IAEA’s web site. Click on the meetings link at and select the meeting you wish to attend.

Participants must still be nominated by their national authority, and after registering through the web site registrants, receive an e-mail message from the IAEA telling them to do so. For most Safeguards meetings, the U.S. national authority is the Subgroup on Safeguards Technical Support (SSTS). The SSTS asks the International Safeguards Project Office at BNL to advertise meetings and collect participation and presentation forms and abstracts for their review. ISPO usually sends a message to the official laboratory or company point-of-contact notifying them of the meeting and providing a deadline for the submission of forms. The SSTS then reviews the forms and identifies the applicants that are approved to attend the meeting. ISPO then sends the forms of the approved participants to the U.S. Mission Vienna for official transmission to the IAEA. ISPO will prepare a country clearance request for all individuals approved by the SSTS. Anyone not approved by the SSTS will have to request country clearance separately and will likely be declined.

If you have any questions regarding meeting attendance, or would like to ensure you are on the distribution list to receive future IAEA Safeguards meeting notifications, please contact Ray Diaz.

Nonproliferation, Disarmament and the IAEA in Tomorrow's World
Presented by Jill Cooley | Tuesday, September 09, 2008 | Length: 00:44:22
Jill Cooley, Director of the Division of Concepts and Planning in the International Atomic Energy Agency's (IAEA) Department of Safeguards, gives an overview of the IAEA safeguards system and describes current verification challenges and potential new roles for the agency.

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