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900 Service

In 1996, after many inquiries over a two-year period, Telecom Services introduced 900 service at BNL. This service was slow in coming because of billing problems and because of difficulty in providing restricted access. Initial charges and subsequent-minute charges vary widely, and too many 900 numbers are associated with subject matter inappropriate for BNL access.

With the assistance of the Business Information Section of FSD (formerly MIS), a custom application was developed to properly price selected 900 calls. For its part, the (then new) Rolm telephone system provided us with the capability of storing allowable 900 numbers.

In order to initiate BNL use of a selected 900 number, the sponsoring department or division must send a memo to Telecom Services/ITD, Bldg. 515, with the following information:

  1. Requestor
  2. Dept./Div.
  3. Account to receive charges
  4. Company being called
  5. Telephone number for company (not 900 #)
  6. 900 number to be called
  7. Charge for initial minute
  8. Charge for subsequent minutes
  9. Maximum charge (some companies do not charge beyond a maximum amount)

The memo must be signed by the person having signature authority for the specified account.

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