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Account Codes

Account Code FAC on Siemens 9751
An account code is a six digit numeric always beginning with *2. It is only applicable for off-site calls made from Lab telephone extension numbers. The code may be used from any Lab telephone regardless of the pre-set restriction level of the telephone.

Example: to dial 415-555-1212 with an account code,

Dial *212345-9-1-415-555-1212

The caller will hear 2 beeps after dialing *2, 3 fast beeps after the account code is entered then normal dial-tone. Once dial tone is heard, finish dialing. If an error tone is heard, after the account code has been dialed, the account code is not valid. Contact your TSR.

Account codes can be provided to users who do not have access to telephone voice terminals with limited outbound calling patterns. To order an account code, contact your telephone service representative.

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