Telecommunication Services

Canceling Account Codes and Voicemail

Avoid Unnecessary Charges to Reactivate a Mailbox

  • Telephone Service Representatives (TSRs)  must notify Telecom Services when Account Codes or Voice Mailboxes are no longer needed (typically, when the owner leaves BNL employment). Not doing this has resulted in many invalid or unused account codes in data bases and has forced us to do avoidable rebuilds of mailboxes.
  • In the case of mailboxes, it is important to have employees who are giving up a mailbox delete all messages and give the existing password to the responsible supervisor. The mailbox can then be assigned by the department/division to a new person who (knowing the mailbox's old password) can define a new password and go on to use the mailbox with reasonable expectation of security.
  • If a mailbox is abandoned with an unknown password, then transfer to a new owner will require a reset  of the mailbox password by Telecom Services.
  • A mailbox can also be deleted and re-created for a new owner.  Any messages left behind from the previous owner will be lost.  Telecom Services recommends this, as it will give the new owner a front-end tutorial when calling into the mailbox for the first time.  Instructions for setting up the password and recording the owners name and greeting is provided by the system.

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