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False Dialing

We have received many trouble calls from employees who complain they are no longer receiving incoming calls. Apparently, the close spacing of keys on the Rolm telephone keypads has caused callers to inadvertently dial #5 or #9. #5 puts the phone in Do Not Disturb (DND) mode which prevents the phone from ringing and diverts incoming calls to voice mail. #9 signals call forwarding; the next four digits dialed indicate where calls will be forwarded. Either condition will prevent further incoming calls.

#5, can occur when going off hook and dialing 9 followed by an outside exchange that begins with the digit 5. The callers think they have pressed 9 but their finger has hit the space between the # and 9 keys and has actually depressed the # instead. The result is the sequence #5 that puts the phone in DND mode. #9 can occur when going off hook and dialing 9 followed by an outside number. Again, the caller aims at the 9 key but catches the edge of the # key just prior to the 9 key and actually sends #9.

The calls do not complete but callers attribute this to another cause and dial their call again, unaware that they have put their phone in either DND or Call Forwarding. Please caution your users about these possibilities and advise them to dial either ##5 or ##9 to cancel DND or Call Forwarding, respectively.

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Last Modified: March 23, 2010
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