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Verizon Digital Phone and Alphanumeric Pagers

Sending Text Messages

Anyone with Internet access can send an alphanumeric message to an Verizon Wireless Digital customer who has subscribed to Text Messaging or an Verizon Paging customer. It's just like sending email to a phone or a pager.

Want a response from the person you are paging?

If the person is using a two-way pager you will be able to get a response each time you page them.

The PF1500 pager has 13 canned responses:

Will Call Later
Thank You
Send More Information
On My Way
Will Arrive 15m
Will Arrive 30m
Call Me
Can I Call You?
Send # to Call
Traffic Delay
If you use the Internet web page you can have up to (6) additional Custom QuickReply Responses that will allow you to accurately relay your message. This is a great feature to use, specially if the person you are trying to contact is not near a phone or cannot use a cell phone.

PF1500 Pager - only canned responses can be sent

T900 Pager - any response can be sent

Using an Email Software Package

(Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora...)

If the person is using a two-way pager you will be able to get a response each time you page them. The PF1500 pager has 13 canned responses, see above.

  1. Address E-mail to <ten_digit_phone_number@myairmail.com>

    Note: do not lead the phone number with a "1" or put spaces, parentheses or dashes between the area code and the number.

    2146579988@myairmail.com or 5104582347@myairmail.com

  2. Place the message you want to appear on the pager in the body field of the e-mail. Warning: only the text placed in the body field of the e-mail will be sent to the pager and only text up to the maximum character count of the receiving pager will be sent. The information in the author and subject field of the e-mail will not be sent to the pager.
  3. Send the email (This process will vary depending on the email software used and method of connection to the Internet)

Internet email using browser

  1. You need to know their 10-digit mobile number (cellular) or 10-digit PIN or pager number (pager).
  2. Go to Verizon web page at https://www.vtext.com/
  3. Enter their number in the "To" field on web page without dashes or parentheses. Separate multiple numbers with commas, up to a maximum of ten. For example: 1234567899, 9987654321.
  4. Type your text message. Alphanumeric Pagers are limited to 240 chars.
  5. Enter your email address in the "Reply To" field on web page.
  6. Use the "Custom" response fields if you want to send a custom response.
  7. Press "Send Message".

That's it!

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