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Unix Services

Osiris Host Integrity Monitoring

Host Integrity Monitoring is a service provided by Unix Services to insure adherence to established security policies at BNL.  Osiris is a monitoring system that periodically monitors a given host for change.  Detailed logs are maintained for changes to files systems, user and groups, the kernel and additional areas of concern such as network configuration.  If a change is detected, an email is automatically sent alerting the system manager.

Osiris is currently available for the following platforms: Windows (NT/2000/2003/XP) and common Linux/UNIX based systems such as Redhat Enterprise Linux, Debian, Mac OS X and AIX, IRIX and Solaris.

Top of PageDeploying Osiris

To take advantage of this service, simply submit a request to UNIX Services via the help desk.

A UNIX Services representative will provide you with a scan agent and assist you with its deployment.

The scan agent is a lightweight daemon that periodically collects information from its host environment and securely transmits the data to the master console.

Top of PageOsiris Resources

Documentation about Osiris is available at the Osiris project's website, as well as in white papers and books:

Top of PageLast Modified: February 14, 2011

To reach ITD Unix Services for any support issues, please contact the ITD Helpdesk via email ( or call x5522.  In any communications, please include the name of the machine(s) in question, as well as their operating system, software package and other relevant information which will allow ITD to help you more effectively.