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Unix Services

FTP Services, aka "pubftp"

ITD Unix Services provides an FTP server transporting large blocks of data into, out of and around the Laboratory's internal network.  This service is open to all employees of the laboratory and may be accessed at any time.  There are limitations to using the ftp server however, and these are mainly to address security concerns with FTP.

Top of PageHow to Access an ITD Hosted FTP site:


The primary cause of FTP's inherent insecurity is that login credentials are sent in the clear, or unencrypted.  As a result, Cybersecurity has mandated that all FTP sites must be anonymous.  Anonymous FTP allows a user to log in with either username "anonymous" or "ftp" and then enter their email address as their password.  As a result of this log-in method anyone may log in and upload or download data.

Start your preferred FTP client (examples: WS_FTP, FileZilla, gFTP).

When prompted for log-in information, use the following credentials (in this example, the user connecting is John Doe, with email address ""):

username: anonymous
port: 21

After logging in, you should observe a blank directory listing.  You may now upload or download files.

Transferring Files

Once connected you may upload a file or files to the FTP server.  After upload, anyone who knows the file name may download the file.  For example, if you upload a file to with the name "test.txt", then anyone may then download that file with an FTP client or with a web browser using the  URL

Top of PageLimitations


All uploaded content must conform to the Brookhaven National Laboratory Computer Use Agreement.

File Size

It is advised that uploaded files be less than 10GB in size.  Keep total data size under 100GB.

Directory Creation

Users are unable to create directories or subdirectories on the public FTP server.

Directory Listings

ITD limits directory listings.  Users must know in advance the name of the file or files they wish to download.  The user uploading a file is responsible for notified other users of that file's full path and file name.  This is to helps prevent malicious users from using the FTP site as a repository for inappropriate data.

File Retention / Maximum File Age

All files on the public FTP server are automatically deleted 7 days after creation. If a file is still needed after 7 days, a user may upload the file again.  ITD reserves the right to delete any files which exceed or fall outside stated policies above.

Top of PageLast Modified: February 14, 2011

To reach ITD Unix Services for any support issues, please contact the ITD Helpdesk via email ( or call x5522.  In any communications, please include the name of the machine(s) in question, as well as their operating system, software package and other relevant information which will allow ITD to help you more effectively.