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Unix Services

Unix Web Services

ITD Unix Services maintains multiple web servers, web sites and applications on the Linux platform.  These servers leverage the flexibility of the Apache 2.2 web server, various scripting languages (such as PHP and CGI/Perl), and the security of the Linux Operating System environment to provide a stable and secure web hosting platform to the Laboratory community.

The Apache web server allows ITD to host many websites on a single platform, reducing hardware needs and administrative load.  The servers maintained by ITD Unix Services have three different sets of applications:

Top of PageUser Websites and Virtual Hosts

The web servers for this grouping support basic web pages as well as dynamic content supported by Perl and PHP scripting with connections to back-end MySQL and Oracle databases

Top of PageInternal ITD-Managed Applications

Software packages designed by ITD and managed for the Laboratory are also supported by ITD Unix Services.  These include

  • CTS (Legacy ticketing system)
  • CForm (Legacy change form)
  • Subversion (open source version control system)

Top of PageEternally available collaboration tools

ITD Unix Services maintains software packages for collaboration with other groups within and outside the Laboratory.  These include:

  • Indico (Conference management software)
  • MediaWiki (Collaborative web pages)

Top of PageLast Modified: February 14, 2011

To reach ITD Unix Services for any support issues, please contact the ITD Helpdesk via email ( or call x5522.  In any communications, please include the name of the machine(s) in question, as well as their operating system, software package and other relevant information which will allow ITD to help you more effectively.