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Unix Services

The Unix Services Group provides secure Unix-based computing environments with high performance and reliability for the BNL user community.  The shared and specialized Unix facilities, from standard servers to supercomputing clusters, directly support the mission critical scientific and engineering needs of the laboratory.  This group also performs the demanding day-to-day administration tasks on these systems in the Brookhaven Computing Facility (BCF) providing compute servers at a fraction of the cost to individual departments.  Support for these mission critical systems is provided on a 24x7 basis.

The group is currently staffed with six members plus group lead Lisa Soto ( and supports a variety of systems and software that provide essential infrastructure services for the BNL community shown below.  Select the areas below for additional information.  Unix Services also responds to Unix related calls from the ITD Helpdesk.

System Administration

Scientific Computing

  • General purpose computing
    • Linux systems
    • Solaris systems
  • ITD Unix Services Datacenter policies
    • CPU Utilization
    • Quotas
  • High Performance Computing (HPC, clusters)
    • Available Resources
    • Instruction

Unix Applications


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Last Modified: August 6, 2014

To reach ITD Unix Services for any support issues, please contact the ITD Helpdesk via email ( or call x5522.  In any communications, please include the name of the machine(s) in question, as well as their operating system, software package and other relevant information which will allow ITD to help you more effectively.