Grant Writing - Electronic Resources

Websites too numerous to list exist to aid the grant writer. Below are selected sites prepared by granting agencies such as the NIH and NSF as well as other experienced grant writers and reviewers. If you have a site you have found particularly helpful, please email it to Kris Duryea:

Quick Guide for Grant Applications National Cancer Institute
Annotated Successful R01 Grant Application National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, 2003.
Tutorials: All About Grants National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.
Grant Writing Tip Sheets Various NIH institutes
Information About NIH Study Sections NIH - Center for Scientific Review
Mock Study Section NIH - Center for Scientific Review, 2004.
"A must-see for everyone!"
How to Wow a Study Section Karen Hopkin, The Scientist, 3/2/98.
A Guide to Proposal Writing National Science Foundation, 2004.
Fatal Flaws and Common Pitfalls The Research Assistant
Danya International, Inc. 2003.
Everything You Wanted to Know About the NCI Grants Process National Cancer Institute, 2005
What Do Grant Reviewers Really Want, Anyway? Robert Porter, Ph.D.

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